A considerate and gentle approach to people, the environment and species conservation are maxims of our actions. For our products - from the start of production to delivery to our customers - we pursue the clear goal of remaining true to these guidelines and conserving resources.
At VIVI MARI we are not perfect, but we work every day to become more sustainable. Our customers value sustainable production, fair production conditions and wear VIVI MARI as a clear statement.

100% vegan

Our handbags are made exclusively from animal-free materials, because we love animals and don't want them to die for our product. We know how high the environmental impact of processing animal skins is: a high use of chemicals and a large consumption of water are inevitable in the processing of leather.
At VIVI MARI, our focus has been to develop premium materials that are a durable substitute for real leather without sacrificing style and quality. Processed is a high quality polyurethane in combination with 100% recycled polyester. All unsere products are PETA-Approved Vegan certified.

Selected Materials

At VIVI MARI we deliberately avoid the use of PVC, as it is one of the most polluting synthetic materials. We use a high quality polyurethane with 100% recycled polyester content. Our packaging boxes and hang tags are made from 100% recycled paper.

CO2 Neutral Shipping

Our products reach our customers in shipping packages made of recycled cardboard. The shipping is carried out by means of DHL GoGreen CO2 climate neutral. DHL offsets the transport-related unavoidable greenhouse gases through climate protection projects.