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VIVI MARI designs modern, timeless handbags with interchangeable shoulder straps that can be worn with any urban lifestyle. Our handbags are vegan and made from recycled materials.


VIVI MARI is not just a fashion brand but a statement. Nos femmes gèrent leur quotidien entre travail et famille et prennent des responsabilités. They don't fool anyone, they just do it. Whether at yoga or in the museum; they are always active and enjoy urban life. At the same time, they remain authentic and are true to themselves. They live consciously and try to make the world a little better. At VIVI MARI, we are not perfect, but we work every day to become more sustainable.


la historia

What I was always looking for as a customer was THE handbag! A bag that I can wear both in the office, with the kids on the playground and in the evening in the restaurant and will be my long-lasting companion.

Inspired by my fashion studies in New York and my decades of professional experience in the fashion industry, the requirement arose to design a product that is not only modern, but is equally different from the fast fashion industry.

Sophie, mom of 3 kids, founder of VIVI MARI